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Capture and Transmit!
Puzzle in a byte!
From invisible to visible


We believe in the combination of a direct, intelligent, and touching message, coupled with flawless execution. SIGHT+SOUND's creative team is ready to work with you in establishing your brand presence on and offline, showcasing your products and services in the best possible way, and preserving your brand identity language in every product we do.
Simple or sophisticated, it's the smart and touching idea, properly done, that reaches the hearts and minds of its audience.

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Live Streaming

Deliver your live event to its target audience in the safety of their own home.
Use the 7 years of our expert experience in live TV broadcasting, which includes live news and commercial shows like Big Brother and 2025, to help you bring your live event online.
SIGHT+SOUND's ability to utilize recent technologies enables low profiles and uncompromising quality.  
We use BMD consoles and smart camera integration technology to give you and your clients the best, smoothest experience possible, both on stream and on location.



Online campaigns? Zoom and event conferences? Crowdfunding?

Image films and TV documentaries? 

Our pros have seen it all under their editing timelines and it's their experiance that will put your brand in front and drive your message across.

Whether it's technical or content editing,  we deliver precise and fast execution in English and German.


Disability Awareness

We produce documentaries, campaigns and instructional videos to advance the awareness for people with various disabilities and their rights.

This comes from our creatives personal interest and experience on the subject. We consider this matter of the highest importance.